IWU student body president election underway

(Originally from The Sojourn’s website on February 11, 2014)

For the first time in two years, Indiana Wesleyan University will hold an election for Student Government Association President.

SGA began planning for the 2014 Presidential Election in January. Two candidates are running for office: current Student Body President Tim Scurlock (jr) and SGA Social Sciences Student Representative Caleb Bowers (jr).

The two are in the campaigning stage right now and each need to collect 395 IWU student signatures to be officially placed on the ballot.

“Leading up the election day, we will be spending the majority of our time talking to people,” Scurlock said. “We hope to share a little bit of what SGA has been up to this past year and what we hope to do next.”

SGA Executive Assistant Stephanie Miller (sr), said she thinks it is great to have a contested election this year.

“It gets students involved in what is really going on at IWU,” Miller said. “We get to have a say in who we feel will best lead our school and represent us with administration next year, and that is really important in any university.”

IWU has not had a multi-candidate presidential election in the past two years because last year no one successfully turned in the needed signatures in time. The year before, no one else successfully applied for the position.

Bowers said he believes having a real election will help students know more about SGA and what they do for the university.

“A lot of the student body does not know what SGA is or what it does, and if we are supposed to be the voice of the student body, I feel as if the student body needs to be more aware of what’s going on in it more,” Bowers said. “We will get more publicity by having an actual election. It’s been long overdue for an election.”

Miller said she thinks the race is pretty equal right now as it is in its early stages.

“Both candidates have a great chance at winning,” Miller said. “Tim and Caleb, as well as their team of cabinet members, each bring something unique to the table, so it will be interesting to see how the student body responds in the election.”

SGA will host a debate Thursday, Feb. 20 in the Commons for both candidates and their cabinets to have a structured debate and answer questions from students. The SGA general election will be Wednesday, Feb. 26 for the presidents as well as the 15 divisional representative positions.


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