New science and nursing building move to begin spring break

(Originally posted on The Sojourn’s website on February 15, 2014)

Nursing students will notice some changes in Burns Hall of Science and Nursing after returning from spring break.

The transition from Burns Hall to the new Science and Nursing Building starts March 1. Faculty says some of the classrooms in Burns Hall will be moved into the SNB for the remainder of the semester.

The north side of Burns Hall will begin renovations from March until August so a mid-semester move was necessary.

Associate Dean for School of Physical and Applied Sciences, Dr. Dennis Brinkman, said the new building is necessary because IWU’s growing health sciences program makes Burns Hall too small for professors and students.

“It is a matter of decompressing what has been becoming a more and more crowded situation due to the growth of the nursing program,” Brinkman said.

The process of adding this new building to the campus has taken several years. Professors started visualizing what they would want for the building three years ago. They sat down with architects two years ago and drew up plans leading to the creation of the building a year and a half ago.

The new building will contain an atrium similar to the Commons in Barnes Student Center with coffee and seating for students to come study during the day. Labs and offices will make up the rest of the building to allow more research and classrooms for the School of Nursing, Health Science and Physical & Applied Sciences.

Math and computer science classes will be moved into the new building so Center Hall can be used for studio space for art majors.

Nursing students are looking forward for this new change and to have more space to learn and study.

“I am very excited to see the new nursing building and be able to use the cadavers,” Abbi Fryer (fr) said. “I think the new labs will bring more students and really give our nursing program an edge.”

Professors are asking students to be understanding and work together to make this as smooth of a transition as possible.

“We are still working on final pieces of furniture and things we have discovered in the last few days that we need to fix before move in date,” Brinkman says. “It’s been a big project.”

Professors will host an open house for all students Feb. 25 from 2-4 p.m. to get familiar with where the classrooms, restrooms and study areas are located.


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