Unknown suspect breaks into Scripture Hall

(Originally posted on The Sojourn’s website on November 6, 2016)

A cell phone, iPad and $40 cash were stolen early Sunday morning, Nov. 6, in Scripture Hall.

According to Officer Scott Haley, Campus Police received a call at approximately 5 a.m. of a man walking in the residence hall. All of the residents were evacuated and sent to the Kem Hall lobby while multiple officers searched the building for the suspect.

The suspect has yet to be found, but Haley said witnesses described him as a 5″9 black male wearing sweatpants and a dark colored hoodie. Nobody was hurt during the break-in, and Haley was told none of the victims spoke to the suspect because they were asleep.

The items stolen come from multiple unlocked rooms in Scripture. Haley stressed the importance of making sure residents’ doors are locked when away or sleeping.

“I talked to and took statements, information from the victims that had things stolen, every one of them told me that the room was unlocked,” Haley said. “I stressed to them that their door of their rooms needs to be locked at all times regardless if they’re away or asleep, it’s very important to keep the doors locked.”

Haley said he will work with IT on Monday to get the names of the students who swiped into Scripture during the time of the break-in so he can talk to them in order to get more information.

“We’ve got a couple days worth of following up to do, but we’re working on it,” Haley said.


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