Butche Plans to Balance Coroner and Police Officer Jobs

(Originally posted on GrantCOnnected.net’s website on November 4, 2014)

The results are in, and Chris Butche is the next coroner for Grant County.

As the votes were coming in, Butche was confident in winning the position, as he let the “voting public know how I have the experience versus my opponent who has no experience.”


Butche, along with his supporters, were happy to find out he won 68.9 percent to 31.1 percent.

Butche was at the Republican Headquarters at the Grant County Fairgrounds Nov. 4 along with Sheriff candidate Reggie Nevels, who won his race as well.

According to 1400 WBAT, the voting difference between Butche and his opponent, Andrea Debruler, was “dramatic.” The final result was 8,687 votes to 3,922 votes.

Butche thanked the current coroner, Stephen Dorsey, for everything he taught him.

“[Dorsey] has led me down this path … has taught me the ins and outs of the coroner’s office,” Butche said.

Butche has already been an employee in the coroner’s office for the past three years, so he has the experience to be the coroner for Grant County, he said.

His next steps are the transition from being a deputy coroner to “actually stepping into the coroner’s shoes.” Along with being the next coroner, he will balance his other job as a police officer for the Marion Police Department.

“I am very confident in providing services to Marion as well as citizens of Grant County in both of those professions,” Butche said.



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