Democrat Jess Alumbaugh is new Marion mayor

(Originally posted on’s website on November 3, 2015)

The results are in and Jess Alumbaugh has won the Marion mayoral position, an unexpected win for the Democratic party. Alumbaugh earned 60.69 percent of the votes over Republican John Lawson.

“I want to thank the Marion community,” Alumbaugh said. “It’s going to take a team to restore this city and it took a team for me to win this election.”

When he starts his new position in January, he says he will “not be one who leads by verbal assaults if we disagree” during the council meetings.

“There won’t be name calling allowed by people in the city council, we’re just going to have a more professional atmosphere, I’m going to expect that from everyone.”

Lawson said he still remains optimistic despite the loss.

“Tomorrow’s another day. … I’m one of those guys that believes that when one door closes, another one opens,” Lawson said. “The people have spoken. That’s the important thing.”

Alumbaugh says his first task as mayor will be to hire an outside third party, with no connections to the council, to take a look at the budget.

“I want to look at the entire budget and see where we’re at before we start making a plan for the future,” Alumbaugh said.”




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