Grant County Differs on Religious Freedom Restoration Act

(Originally posted on’s website on March 20, 2015)

Issues on religious freedom were discussed at the Statehouse Monday, March 16.

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act, also known as the Senate Bill 101, is designed for business owners to be able to practice their religion by refusing service to people who conflict with their beliefs.

Senator Amanda Banks, who represents Grant County, is a co-sponsor of the bill.

“I feel that it’s certainly a necessary step for our state to take to protect religious freedom in Indiana,” Banks said. “We are doing what 19 states have already done. We are following this trend to protect our Hoosier people.”

Banks also said that this bill is “modeled” after the federal religious freedom act, passed in 1993 and signed by former president Bill Clinton.

Jeanna Lowry, co-owner of Create-A-Cake in Marion, does not agree with this act.

“God did not put me on this Earth to judge anybody,” Lowry said. “He put me on this Earth to serve others.”

Lowry said she will serve anyone in her shop because it is “not her business” to know about them. She also said, however, if someone is acting in a unprofessional matter she will “ask them to come back at a later time when they can be respectful at my shop.”

According to a article, Governor Mike Pence is in favor of this bill and will sign it if it gets to his desk.



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