Grant County Trains Owners to Train Their Dogs

(Originally posted on’s website on February 15, 2015)

Thursday nights at Lakeview Christian School, class is in session- for dogs.

The Mississinewa Valley Obedience Training Club has had training classes since 1979 for owners that want to have better obedient dogs.

Jackie Hanthorn, a member of the club for the past nine years, says their goal is to reduce the number of dogs in animal shelters.

“We just really want to get the dogs acclimated and obedient trained so they don’t end up in the Humane Society,” Hanthorn said. “If by chance that they do, somebody can see that they’ve been trained and a lot easier to be adopted that way.”

Hanthorn and her husband, Brian Hanthorn, help lead the classes and work with “special dogs.”

She says they have a lot of good members who are active in the classes and participate in dog shows.

Owners can sign up for puppy, basic or novice training classes.  For more information on registering, the club’s website is



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