Gun Sales Increase in Grant County, Nationwide

(Originally posted on’s website on December 7, 2015)

After several shootings these past few weeks (e.g. Planned Parenthood in Colorado, the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, Ca.), many people are considering purchasing their own gun.

The FBI says it processed more than 185,000 background checks on Black Friday, which is 5 percent more than last year.  Manufacturers rely on background check statistics as a measurement on gun sales.

According to Brad, a gun sales associate at Trading Post, LLC in Marion, Ind., more people have been coming into the store to purchase a firearm.

“A lot of people are very concerned about the growing amount of crime,” Brad said. “I think everybody should have the ability to protect themselves.”

Shooting classes are offered at Trading Post for people who would want to work on their shooting skills.

Thirteen-year-old Merissa Lynch is one of those students.  She spends some of her free time coming to the shooting range with her mom.  While she likes to shoot as a way to relax, she says she also thinks it is important for people to know self-defense.

“It’s important to shoot a gun because then you have something by your side to keep you safe,” Lynch said.

David Gilbert, Marion chief of police, says the station has not seen an increase in crime in the area, but he does understand why more people are purchasing guns recently.

“Perception is reality,” Gilbert said. “If you think you’re unsafe, then for all intensive purposes in your life, you are unsafe.”

Gilbert also says he is not concerned about the “upstanding citizen” who feels he or she wants to purchase a gun for self protection.

“I have faith that people are buying guns … legally, especially within the rules,” Gilbert said. “Those kinds of consumers aren’t generally the kind of people who are committing crimes with a gun. The kinds of people who are committing crimes with guns are people who are not going to a gun store… They are getting those guns illegally.”



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