John Gregg Makes Campaign Stop in Marion

(Originally posted on’s website on October 11, 2016)

John Gregg, Democratic candidate for Indiana governor, shared his views and ideas to the Marion Rotary Club on Tuesday, Oct. 11, at the club’s weekly meeting.

“I’m not running to be governor, I’m running to serve as governor,” Gregg said in his speech at the Meshingomesia Golf & Social Club. “I do think there’s a distinction, and I do think those of you that are in office or in public service, or those of you that are in business understand the distinction between being governor or serving as governor.”

The Sandborn native also said he thinks he is prepared to serve as governor for the state. His experience for this new position includes former president of Vincennes University, working for two 500 Fortune companies, practicing law and being Speaker of the House for the Indiana House of Representatives for six years.

He mentioned how he will work together with his running mate, Christina Hale, a Democratic member of the Indiana House of Representatives.

“We’re about ideas, not ideology, and we’re about people not about politics, and we want to work on improving the state for all Hoosiers,” Gregg said. “We talk about the economy, we talk about education, we talk about infrastructure, and we talk about our state’s drug epidemic.”

Gregg said he wants to focus on not only the number of jobs, but the quality of jobs. He his opponent, Lieutenant Governor Eric Holcomb, focuses mainly on unemployment.

“(Holcomb is) going to tell you we’ve got low unemployment. We do, I’m not going to dispute that. But the truth is, Hoosiers are working harder and harder and earning less and less,” Gregg said. “We want to focus on the quality of job, that high wage paying job.”

For education, Gregg mentioned how he does not agree with the way teachers have to “teach to the (ISTEP) test.”

Gregg also said he wants high school students to be informed about what jobs are available to them after completion of a secondary education. He said not only should high school students seek a four-year degree, but to consider all of the other options as well such as an apprenticeship, earning certifications and attending a two-year college.

He said there is not only a drug problem in Indiana, but an epidemic. Gregg shared how it’s in every community, race, educational level and income level.

“We can ignore it and not talk about it, but what we are doing is not working,” Gregg said as he talked about the drug usage in Indiana is “embarrassing.”

“It’s an economic problem, it’s a social problem. And we can no longer can we keep just building prisons and think we are going to build our way out of it,” Gregg said. “We need to have a serious, adult conversation.”

Gregg finished by saying he wants to see growth in population, job rates, income levels and education.

The general election, including for Indiana state governor, is Tuesday, Nov. 8.


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