Republican Sweep for 2016 Grant County Election

(Originally posted on’s website on November 8, 2016)

The Grant County Republicans have filled all of the positions in this year’s election, including school board, commissioner, county council and treasurer.

Jim McWhirt, one of the winners for the county council, said he felt confident about the results in the beginning of the night because of all of the positive feedback he had received.

“It was good to be out today at the various polling sites and talking to the people out there as well,” McWhirt said. “I’m encouraged by what I’ve seen so far.”

Despite the outcome, Barbara Stodghill, democratic county treasurer candidate, said she was going to stay positive.

“We’re here to celebrate so we hope that’s going to happen,” Stodghill said in the beginning of the night. “We’re going to get through this, either way it’s going to be okay.”

Republican Sarah Melford beat Stodghill for the county treasurer position with by 23.22 percent. Democrat county commissioner candidate Randy Goodman lost the position to Republican Mark Bardsley with the final vote being 64.4- 35.6 percent.

Kevin Mahan, republican state representative for District 31, led the election by a large margin even before all of the votes were counted. He was able to defeat Democrat Lynn Johnson by 29.28 percent, allowing Mahan to serve for another term.

Mahan said he will keep listening to the people as he continues being the District 31 representative.

“I remind myself God gave me two ears and one mouth,” Mahan said. “With victories like this, it’s reassuring to know you’re doing the right thing, you’re listening to the people. ”

Republican Susan Brooks was reelected as representative for District 5 with 68.48 percent of the votes.

Incumbent Grant County Recorder Pam Harris has been guaranteed the position again, running uncontested. Despite the negativity she has heard from people about the general election, she said she knows

“I do feel that the country will pull together and we’ll get the right person (as president),” Harris said.

For state election results, Republican Eric Holcomb defeated Democrat John Gregg by 22.53 percent, and Republican United States Senator Todd Young defeated Democrat with the final vote being 60.41- 33.07 percent.

For the rest of the results of the Grant County 2016 Election, click here.



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