What Can You Do With Your Major?

When choosing a major, or even when questioning if you picked the right major, it’s important to know all of the sorts of jobs that come with it. Here are some interesting career choices you can have with some of the many majors offered at Indiana Wesleyan University.



Assistant Touring Manager/Understudy

at American Shakespeare Center


Goldwasser played Nell Gwyne in the production “Or” during grad school. Photo provided by Goldwasser.

After graduating in 2013, Kendra Emmett-Goldwasser went straight to graduate school to study at the Mary Baldwin College Shakespeare and Performance Program in Stanton, Virginia. During her time there, worked in the box office and became familiar with the program’s touring troupe. After getting her master of letters degree, she sent an e-mail to the director and asked if she could help out with the tour. Two months later, she is the assistant touring manager and understudy for the troupe. And in December and January, it’s going to be her first time to fill in for one of the actors.

Goldwasser said she loves her job because she loves her job and all of the actors and manager in the troupe.

“Don’t be afraid for opportunities, don’t be afraid to talk to people and then ask for things,” Goldwasser said. “The worst they can say is no.”



Captain in the U.S. Army Nurse Corps



Randall riding in a Blackhawk working as a U.S. Army Nurse. Photo provided by Randall.

Since graduating in 2011, Tiffani Randall has worked in the U.S. army as a nurse. She first started her career on a cardiac unit in Hawaii and then became an E.R. nurse after attending a critical care/E.R. trauma course through the army. In December 2015, Randall finished her Master of Science in Nursing with an Emphasis in Nursing Education from Grand Canyon University, where immediately she was deployed in Iraq as a flight nurse.

In Iraq, she rides in a Blackhawk helicopter and performs rescue missions and critical care transports for the injured.

“I joined the Army to help those I felt deserved it the most. I love taking care of soldiers,” Randall said. “They sacrifice so much, more than I ever realized, until I joined, and I truly believe they deserve the best care possible.”



Event Planner for 1920 Company


Bunch lives in Michigan where she works as an event planner. Headshot provided by Ben Pancoast Photography.

Hannah Bunch moved to Chicago, Ill. so she could be an editorial intern for a magazine after she graduated in 2012. After that, she moved to St. Joseph, Mich. to be a copyeditor for The Herald Palladium. While being a copyeditor, she decided to get her “feet wet” in the wedding industry, so she did an apprenticeship with a local wedding planning agency. After that experience, she still loves that field and is now an event planner for 1928 Company. While her and another woman help with events for people, Bunch said about 90 percent of the events are weddings.

“Every day is different. Every client is different. I love that I get to work with such a variety of people every day,” said Bunch. “I get to be creative with my job, which is something I really enjoy… And it keeps us busy and I really enjoy being busy.”

Along with event planning, Bunch also started a business called A Foraged Affair, where she teaches modern calligraphy workshops throughout the southwest Michigan and greater Chicago area.


Some of the beautiful work Bunch and her team have done. Photos provided by Jill Tiongco Photography.

Bunch said she encourages students to try to get experience in anything that interests you.

“I never really tested the waters until I had a steady job, and I kind of wish I could have figured out I could have done this a long time ago,” Bunch said. “Sometimes you have to move for that certain job, but I think it’s worth it.”



Freelance Photographer


Matti gets paid to travel all over the world to take photos. Photo provided by Matti.

Right after graduating from IWU in 2013, Matti moved to Seattle, Washington to begin his career as a photographer. Up until a year and a half ago, he was assisting commercial studios while shooting weddings in the summer. He stopped working for companies and began working for himself, as he took outdoor photos and gained lots of popularity on his Instagram account (@michaelmatti).

“I absolutely love it,” Matti said. “I like being my own boss and not taking orders from anyone.”

If his name sounds familiar, it’s probably because one of his photos is the official Indiana Bicentennial stamp. He said he took it one summer while visiting his parents in Milfred, Ind.

Now, Matti is hired by tourism boards to travel to a country and spend a week there, traveling and taking photos, so the pictures can be used for marketing purposes. He has been to 35 countries including Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Norway, and more.


Matti’s sunset photo that is the official stamp for the Indiana Bicentennial. Photo provided by Matti.

Matti said his success has been based off of his rise on Instagram and him leveraging an audience. He said it’s important to know networking if you are going to be a photographer.

“You can have all the knowledge but you have to connect with people,” Matti said. “It is a very person-to-person industry.”


Joshua Brunet

Artist for Children’s Books


Brunet is a professor and works on illustration for books on the side. Photo provided by Brunet.

In 2000, just after graduating from IWU, and subbing for art classes at his old high school, Joshua Brunet didn’t know he would be an illustrator for children’s books in the future. Over the years he worked some odd jobs—subbing, printing and copying for professors, and working in an arts store—but he was also able to connect with publishers and freelance for them. His big break was being able to illustrate a book called “I’m in Love With a Big Blue Frog,” by Peter, Paul, and Mary—a popular folk band from the 1960’s.


Brunet’s illustration from “I’m in Love with a Big Blue Frog.”

Brunet said he encourages students to pursue whatever their dream is.

“And sometimes those things might take a while and you might have to do some weird odd jobs to support what you feel the Lord is calling you into,” Brunet said. “But if you feel the Lord is calling you … just keep pursuing it and it may take a while, but if He wants you there He’s going to get you there.”

Religious Studies

Nathan Metz

Missionary in Uganda, Africa


Metz with some of the university students from the Congo and Uganda that he has worked with. Photo provided by Metz.

Nathan Metz, his wife and four children just recently returned to the U.S. from serving in Uganda, Africa for two years. Metz worked with the two percent of Ugandan people who are in a university, developing them into leaders. Along with working with the students, Metz also wrote four books and is in conversation with people to get it translated into French and Creole.

But Metz wasn’t always this hard working and successful. After high school, he failed out of different colleges and lost a job. After getting married, him and his wife had a “spiritual awakening” and came back to the church.

He then became an IWU employee and worked on campus for eight years, finally earning his degree at 34 years old. He is now in the seminary and working on his Master’s.

“I’m far enough removed from all of those past life failures that I’m a little more comfortable including them as a part of my story because I mean if you’re working on your Master’s it’s okay to refer to how earlier … I was an awful student with no discipline so that kind of speaks to some people who are struggling in school that struggling doesn’t mean you’re a bad student,” Metz said.



Associate Editor at CNET


Priest graduated with a writing degree in 2015. Photo provided by Priest.

David Priest, a graduate from the class of 2015, lives in Louisville, KY and writes for CNET, a media website owned by CBS. There, he spends most of his time in the company’s “smart home” – a house fully integrated with smart home technology that he tests out and writes reviews for. He also writes about other miscellaneous content such writing stories about Netflix T.V. shows or video games.

Priest said he is glad he has a writing degree because of the uniqueness of it.

“In writing, (there are) all sorts of jobs that are out there, whether it’s in news or online content creation, or technical writing. And just a lot of companies out there need writers,” Priest said.


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