Whitticker and Seybold Have Differing Views About Budget’s Second Reading

(Originally posted on GrantCOnnected.net’s website on September 24, 2015)

The Marion Common Council resurrected the 2016 budget at an impromptu meeting Sept. 21.

Joselyn Whitticker, president of the council, pushed to move the second reading to Oct. 5, so all members were present.  Councilwoman Madonna French was not able to make Monday’s meeting.

After more discussion, the council agreed with Whitticker on when to hold the second reading, with the final decision being made on Oct. 6. Whitticker was happy with the decision and thinks they will have enough time to finalize it.

“I felt good because it’s all about the citizens and what’s good for all the citizens of Marion,” Whitticker said.

Mayor Wayne Seybold, however, said he does not think it was a good idea to wait two more weeks for the second reading of the budget.

“If they don’t [adopt the budget] on Oct. 6, then we have no budget and refer back to 2015,” Seybold said. “It’s going to be chaos, but I think our president wants that.”

The council will spend the next few weeks in meetings going over the proposed budget before their decision Oct. 6.  The final budget needs to be sent in by Nov. 1.


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